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Compare-O Bottom Line: Santa Cruz's über Bronson a beautiful, agile killer

It’s beautiful. It’s expensive. It wins races and slays mountains.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: Scalable Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 0 a lightweight, versatile winner

The versatile Giant Trance Advanced 27.5 0 changes colors like a chameleon making it one of the most versatile bikes in our test. See how it does with the rest of the mountain here.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: A Look Back on the Best Haters of 2013

The magic of the ASS column isn’t in the writing, it’s in the resulting commentary. The ASS recaps his favorite hater comments of 2013.    Read More »

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Hypothetical question on a fork for a jet 9 r d o.

I realize that niner only recommends 100 to 120 millimeter of fork travel on a r d o jet 9. But I was wondering if a guy would run that new Fox 34 Talas 110/140 if it would make a great bike even greater. Set it's on 110 for everything and big downhill desents on 140 every now and then. Like I said ... Read More »

Folded my R/D like a pretzel...upgrade question.

Not sure how it happened really. I think something bound up and as I pedaled it folded the rear derailleur up like a pretzel and bent the hanger as well. I am taking the bike to the shop this week hoping they can fix it under warranty but if not, how much of an up grade would it be going from the SR ... Read More »

anyone have a large niner AIR9, E.M.D.9 or a yeti AS-R I can try?

Also looking to try a niner JET 9... I am going to be getting a new bike soon and these are on my list, and sense i have never ridden any of them and there aren't any yeti or niner demos in the Portland area it would be nice to try them out before i pull the trigger. We can go for a ride and you ... Read More »

R-A-I-D-O version 8.0 [ Durango-->Mazatlan en Bici de Ruta 323 kms !!!!! ]

R-A-I-D-O version 8.0 [ Durango-->Mazatlan en Bici de Ruta 323 kms !!!!! ] Cronica, Fotos, Mapas, Altimetria y mucho mas........ [url]http://legion2000.wordpress.com/[/url] Felices Fiestas y un 2009 lleno de aventuras les desea LA LEGION !!!!!!!! Lic. Enrique Vera Monterrey : 81- ... Read More »


Hello everybody, Mine is a topic I think we can all relate: adrenaline. Having experienced the feeling of riding under the influence of it, I believe It does work at your advantage or disadvantage depending. When my body starts to produce this substance , It is generally time for me to concentrate ... Read More »

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