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Bike Review: $199 Mongoose XR200 Full Suspension

This review is brought to you by one of the mtbr.com content partners, Mountainbiketales.com On Department Store “Cheapies” Would it surprise you to know that month after month the most inquired about mountain bike models aren’t uber-expensive, cutting edge, technological wonders? In fact, fa ...    Read More »

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AEST,Quando, and Novatec hubs

Are these brands of disc hubs good?Read More »

crappy quando's...

is there a way to convert the standard skewer quando hub type to a 15 thru axle?Read More »

Quando Rear Hub Rebuild Problems

Decided to do a major overhaul on the bike and get into those places that I don't normally clean. Decided to get into the Rear Hub/Freewheel so I could clean out the old grease and inspect the bearings and regrease them. During disassembly, I followed Park Tools advice and placed the parts on a zip ... Read More »

Quando 20mm T/A hub

the wheel set i'm gonna get has one on it and i keep reading reviews saying that the bearings are junk, but i think they're all talking about the loose ball hubs, especially the rear well how about the T/A hubs? if they are junk bearings then i have no problem replacing the bearings with good one ... Read More »

Question about rebuilding quando hubs

I know the bearings in Quando hubs are Junk. Even after a good cleaning, greasing they feel like crap. It always feels like I'm riding into the wind with them. Would these hubs benifit any if I replaced the bearings with something of a higher quality or are the bearing races junk also? I wish I coul ... Read More »

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