Hutchinson Python Tubeless- Leaking Oil !

Here is a stumper for all you tire guru's. My wife's Orbea came with Hutchison Python Tubeless Tires, mounted on Mavic Crossmax SLR's. Last week after a short urban ride, we stopped and got some coffee, when we heard a loud pop..Her rear tire blew a massive hole as seen in the pic. It was real ... Read More »

Hutchinson Python UST Air Light replacement

I've been running Python Air lights for a few years but it's hard to buy them online now and I'd like to try something else. I was pretty happy with them and I'm wondering what is a good light fast rolling tire for mostly hard pack trails and some road commute.Read More »

When New Parts Make You Smile....Monty Python "I Feel Happy"

I have ridden a lot ( personally ) this spring/summer/now fall, and have thrown a lot of money at my mtn and road bike to keep them going. I have no one to blame for the destruction but myself ( too many beers and jellys' ). Anywho, my crankset/bottom bracket area has been a thorn in my side all ... Read More »

Monty Python - Cycling Tour

[url=]Monty Python's The Cycling Tour (vostf) 1/2 - Vidéo Dailymotion[/url]Read More »

Hutchinson Python 26x2.2

Looking at the Hutchinson tire matrix reported on MTBR I see they are coming out with a Python in 2.2 Anyone got info on this tire? Weights, pictures, measurements etc. Looks interesting.Read More »

Read More »

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