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Pyro's Intoduction Post

Well, this is my second post, but since I feel like I have to introduce myself to every new community I find myself in, I figured I'd augment the first one a little into a honest "intro post". Obviously I'm brand new to the forums, to Marin bikes, and sort of new to the world of cycling in general. ... Read More »

anybody using titec pyro scoper

mtbr reviews page for this product seem too one-sided, so just postin' this to see if anybody got any experience. my plan is to use it on bighit. and no I can't afford a $250 seatpost.Read More »

titec pyro scoper seatpost?

do they make this in a 27.2mm version? All i can find online is 30.0 and the 31mm version. too bad their website is funked up right now. cheersRead More »

Hey Pyro...

was that you I saw at Northstar on the Dee'Lux who did the spectacular endo on the rail? If it was that was freakin awesome.Read More »





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