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PUSH Industries takes on the Rock Shox Vivid for 2008

PUSH - to put forth vigorous or persistent efforts. As we move further into 2008 PUSH Industries is excited to announce a new development program geared specifically towards the Downhill Racing segment of the marketplace. Darren Murphy from PUSH commented, “Our goal really is to see what kind of p ...    Read More »

ORP's Bike Light With Integrated Smart Horn

ORP's LED bike light with integrated (and loud) horn helps cyclists to be safe when riding in traffic, but use wisely.   Read More »

Fox 34 Float 29 Front Fork & Float RP23 Rear Shock Review

Officially this is the Fox Racing Shox 34 Float 29 and the Float RP23 rear shock. I've run this suspension on a Transition Bandit 29er (previewed for MTBR here) and now had over 50 rides on the bike. I've run Kashima coated forks for over 100 rides on my personal bikes and therefore feel comforta ...    Read More »

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PUSH Industries Fork Tuning???????

Hi, I am a fan of Push and know they do good work. I have had them tune my rear shock for my bike and body weight which I think makes a big difference. But how about for a fork? Given that there is less variability up front as a function of bike geometry and rider weight, how big of a differ ... Read More »

Push industries. What more to say?

I recently took the advice of the forum and sent both my 6 year old revelation and 7 year old fox rear shock off to them for overhaul and upgrading. Never been touched before, and I figured now was a good time. The online form is pretty easy to use, lots of options to set up your suspension. ... Read More »

Push Industries High Volume (HV) Air Piston Kit

Sending my Fox F100 RL in for service. I've had it Pushed before, but see there is a HV air piston kit upgrade. Does anybody have any experience with this? I'm trying to decide if I need it. I weight 200 pounds, ride XC trails with a Trek Top Fuel and don't race as much as I used to. My for ... Read More »

Push Industries and Fox CTD forks?

Anyone have it done yet or do they even offer the service?Read More »

Push Industries turn around times?

Those of you who have had a shock or fork Push'd; How long did it take to get it back? I shipped my RP23 out last Thursday with scheduled delivery on Monday to them. I got a UPS shipping notification saying it had been picked up and was on it's way back on Monday. The same day they received it. Is t ... Read More »

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