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Pulstar spokes

I am doing the yearly cleaning out of the shop and found some new spokes that are labeled for pulstars. They are straight pull and looks to be about 3 or 4 different lengths. If anyone has any need for a a handful to get an old wheel back on the road shoot me a PM and I will mail a few out. If yo ... Read More »

Spoke lengths for Pulstar hubs

Ive aquired a NOS set of Pulstar 32 hole hubs, that I'm gonna use for a "vintage" wheelset, just for laughs. Like these: [url]http://www.bikepro.com/products/hubs/hubs_pulstar.html[/url] Does anyone know how to calculate spoke lengths for these hubs? Can I use ordinary Sapim Laser straight ... Read More »

Where to get some spokes for Pulstar hubs???

Can anyone here help me out? I'm looking for some spokes for a rear Pulstar hub. 8spd. Want to lace it up to a Sun CR16 rim (also, sorry for the lack of knowledge on my part, but Rim ERD is unknown as well... ??). Any tips, info, or help here is much appreciated! :thumbsup: Thanks.Read More »

Pulstar Hub

I have an old pulstar rear hub that im trying to rebuild. The problem Im having is that when I took the part of the cassette slides on the bearings fell out. My question is do I have to replace just that part with the same piece or will any piece from a diffrent hub work since pulstar hubs aren't th ... Read More »

Servicing Pulstar rear hub

I've got a set of Pulstar hubs that are 12 years old and have never greased the rear bearings. Do I need special tools?Read More »





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