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Old Psyclewerks Wildhare

I have this old Pysclewerks Wildhare that is just to big for me. I am hoping to sell it for a bike that actually fits me, but I don't know what it's worth. If anybody knows, that would be really helpful.Read More »

BB7's on 99' Psyclewerks Wild Hare

Just got through with mounting up some BB7's on my Intense Tracer and like em' so much I'd like to do the same on my Wild Hare...only problem is there are no mounting bosses/tabs, only two mounting holes about an inch a quarter apart drilled into the chain stay. Don't know if these were for a specif ... Read More »

Psyclewerks still making bikes?

Are psyclewerks bikes still being made? What are your thoughts on them?Read More »



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