Psycle Werks Wildhare - VRC (yet)?

Hello all- I am the proud new owner of a Psycle Werks Wildhare! I am the second owner, the original owner only used this bike as a backup, so it is in great shape. Thus far, I can see what all the hype was 10 years ago, I love this bike!!! I'm curious if any of you former Psycle Werks riders ... Read More »

Old Psycle Werks Wildhare

I have an old psycle werks wildhare that is just way to big for me, I'm trying to sell this cool bike for a bike that actually fits me, I really don't how much it is worth as I have not seen another one for sale. If anybody knows whats it worth or would be interested post a comment. Thanks.Read More »

Anyone still riding a PSYCLE WERKS Wild Hare?

Cleaning out the garage, I came across a replecement bushing kit and some derailleur hangers for a [B][U]Psycle Werks Wildhare[/U][/B]. I owned one back in 1998 or 1999, can't remember - too many bikes and too much beer. Brings a smile to my face when I think about all the riding on that old girl. ... Read More »

Psycle Werks and Ventana

I understand that Sherwood of Ventana had some involvement with the Psycle Werks Wild Hare design. I'm trying to find size specifications for the IGUS bushings used in the 1999/2000 Wild Hare pivots, since nobody seems to sell pivot rebuild kits for that bike now. Anyone here know what they ... Read More »

Can you still get bushings for the Psycle Werks

I just posted this as a reply to another thread but figured I might get an answer quicker if I made a specific thread for it... I have a wild hare that a friend of mine asked me to sell for him. I have it sold, planned to close the deal today but my son came in from a ride Thursday with a broken ... Read More »


Psycle Werks Product Categories

2002 Full Suspension

Screamin' Demon 5
2   Reviews
$ 1650.00
Wild Hare 5
2   Reviews
$ 1199.00

Bike 1998 or Older

Wild Hare 5
1   Reviews
$ 11001250.00


Wild Hare 4.93
14   Reviews
$ 1200.00
Wild Hare XC 4.87
83   Reviews
$ 1295.00

Full Suspension Bike

2001 Mad Dog DH 5
2   Reviews
$ 4295.00
2001 Wild Hare XC 5
2   Reviews
$ 3295.00



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