650b/27.5" Mountain Bike Round Up

  Update: Dec. 18 The last two bikes have arrived. Let the games begin!! Intense Carbine 275     Foes 275 Update: Nov. 12 Bikes are rolling in every week for the Mtbr 650b All Mountain Bike Round Up. We've been riding the snot out of them are really ...    Read More »

Kona Introduces New Lacondeguy Inc. Dirt Jump Slayer

Andreu Lacondeguy is hands down, tats out, one of the best mountain bike dirt jumpers in the world today. Sweet style, balls out aggression, and no bullshit, giterdone attitude. "I really wanted a bike that was clean and simple," says the 20-year-old Clump rider from Barcelona, Spain. "Something ma ...    Read More »

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Anyone tried both the Nobby Nic and the Tioga Psycho Genius tires?

Anybody out there compared this Psycho Genius to the Nobby Nic in the 29" size? Getting ready to build a Devinci Atlas (AM style) and want a tire that is a good all arounder. I have two of both tires on deck and was wondering if I should even give the Tiogas a try or not... been riding Schwalbe tire ... Read More »

Tioga Psycho Genius vs SB8/Larsen TT

Hi, I'd like to know your opinion on which tire will be the best for those conditions : 40/60 on/off-road Dry hard pack (gravel path) Dry to almost muddy hardpack Some stone sections (flat rocks mostly moist) Over loose leafs and sand over hardpack. Could use a mix'n match of both tire widths and ... Read More »

Psycho genius tires

Can anyone tell me if these tires will work tubeless? They have a tubeless version but I was wondering if anyone has ran these tubeless. [url]http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/23275-320_TIOP31-3-Parts-73-Tires/Mountain/Tioga-Psycho-Genius-29er-Tire-2.25.htm[/url]Read More »

Psycho Genius ust or XR4 TLR??

Psycho Genius ust or XR4 TLR for my EX9???Read More »

Psycho Genius casing size?

Wondering how tall these tires are, that is, distance from rim to center nob. Currently running a new Trail King 2.2 as my rear tire and it barely clears the stay bridge on my bike. I need a lower volume casing. For comparison, Maxxis 2.35s fit just fine.Read More »

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