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Where to buy Pryme AL helmet?

I have looked all over the Interwebs and can't find any in my size (S/M) or color (prefer the white one since the sun here gets toasty). The contact form or dealer locator on Pryme's website don't work, so I figured someone here may know. Any online or LBS in California that carry these? Also, an ... Read More »

Help finding dealers carrying 2007 pryme gear

Prymes 2007 website sucks:mad: There is no order or dealer info. My girlfriend wants the 07 Pryme 8 with the raven pattern as shown. My LBS won't have it available until the summertime. (by their supply chain lately...september :rolleyes: ) If anyone knows where I can get something sooner ... Read More »

Pryme AL & Deviant test.

The Deviant showed up at the shop today...no, not me...the helmet. I was looking forward to comparing one of these to my modified Pryme ALs. To start, I was surprised how light the non-carbon Deviant is compared to the Pryme...not a lot, but it is lighter. In reality it may not be as substantial ... Read More »

Pryme AL Stickers

Hey guys, anyone removed the stickers on their helmets? Looks really fugly... lol. How did you do it... they seem really hard to come off...Read More »

Troy Lee Carbon D2 venting & weight vs. Deviant & Pryme?

I've read all the recent threads on the specialized deviant and the pryme helmets as good candidates for all mountain riding. Unfortunately there aren't any bike shops in my area that stock all the helmets I want to try out. Based on what I've read it sounds like the venting is great on these two ... Read More »


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