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Switching From Dry Lube To ProLink, A Wet Lube

I've been happy with using ProLink for lubing all my bike chains, mountain and road. I did Ride The Rockies, (road bike), and WD40 bike lube techs were giving out a complete bike wash and lube with their WD40 Dry Bike Lube. It's OK but I like my ProLink more, which is a wet lube. I normally don't ... Read More »

Progold Prolink Chain Lube -- Bottle is open & some other **** -- Online shop ripoff?

I got a Progold Prolink chain lube from an online shop. The bottle is open [should it be sealed?]. Also there was some of what's in it at the outside of the bottle; smells like naphthalene. I wonder if they got the lube and put in some other ****? [You may think I'm too suspicious, but if you che ... Read More »

Pakr CC-03 chain wear tester V's Prolink Chain tester

Hi, I used to wait until things skipped and then replaced chain, cluster and chain rings however then I bought a Prolink chain tester and decided to change the chain when it says 100% worn. So far this year I have gone though 6 chains as the tester says they are worn. I just tried my tester o ... Read More »

History of suspention, Mono,Prolink,...?

So, Is the DW link the final finish? All of you over 40 folk must be looking at the evolution of the Mtbike and saying Dejavu all over again!(As Yogi would put it!) We MOTO HEADS have seen this from the 80's .Yamaha had the Mono Shock,(70,s) Honda had the Pro Link,(80's) Suzuki had the Full Floater ... Read More »

ProLink Gold vs Rock n Roll Extreme for wet weather?

Anyone tried both of these lubes in wet, slightly muddy conditions? I live in australia, we have some wet weather at the moment, but not loads and loads of mud. I dont think 'dry' lubes will live up to the requirements, I have been using the Prolink, but am wondering how the blue bottle Rock n Roll ... Read More »


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