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First Look: Cannondale Jekyll 27.5 Enduro bike

Like some, we were skeptics when it came to the new Jekyll and its proprietary technology. But come explore with us and understand how this bike comes together and why it's worth considering for your next steed.   Read More »

Gear Review: Lauf Trail Racer 29 fork

Lauf’s 990-gram, leaf-spring Trail Racer 29 suspension fork challenges the status quo and—at 60mm-travel—comes up a little short. But that’s not the fork’s only issue. Our Kurt Gensheimer takes a close look at this Icelandic oddity.   Read More »

First Look: New Cannondale Trigger 27.5 and SuperMax fork

Cannondale unveils 27.5-inch wheel Trigger trail bike with 140mm-travel Lefty SuperMax fork, and a new iteration of their adjustable FOX-built DYAD rear shock.    Read More »

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Definition of Progressive Suspension

I have been really trying to understand the definition of a progressive shock suspension (rear suspension) for some time, but I still don't think I understand it fully. What does a progressive suspension mean, compared to a linear suspension? Does it mean it's soft at the start, but gets harder at ... Read More »

Progressive Suspension 5th element air setup

I have an older (2004-2006....not sure what year?) Santa Cruz superlight with the 5th element air shock on the rear. Has 2 chambers, and from what I understand the front for main spring pressure and rear for the platform. I found the progressive set up guide online for the shock, but I cant find ... Read More »

what does linear and progressive suspension mean.

ive looked on numerous forums (and google) for an answer but cant find it so could someone please explain what these terms mean, i think i have an idea but im unsure, thanks.Read More »

Has Progressive Suspension got their act together?

Progressive Suspension 5th Element Air Supposed a great riding shock with terrible reliability issues. Are they still breaking? Also, what was it about them that broke?Read More »

Progressive Suspension 5th air spherical bushing

Guys, Need to replace the lower/rear [B]spherical bushing[/B] on my 5th Air Progressive Suspension shock. [B][I] CANNOT FIND PLEASE ADVISE USA source only.[/I][/B] Can anyone give me some real part numbers or sizes? I have a Santa Cruz Blur. or advice or even sell me parts? Help please!Read More »

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