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Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 7: That's A Wrap

Justin Lindine overturns past year misfortunes to win the 2013 Trans-Sylvania Epic, while Amanda Carey takes her second overall win in the week-long stage race. After close racing all week, riders battled over an intense, 26-mile course in Stage 7 to confirm the final standings.    Read More »

Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 6: Traversing Tussey Ridge

Known as the “Queen Stage” of the race, Stage 6 took riders of the 2013 Trans-Sylvania Epic up and over some of the most known and loved trails in Rothrock State Forest, including the testing traverse of Tussey Ridge.   Read More »

Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage 5: Mix-Up At The Front

Stage 5 of the Trans-Sylvania Epic featured a substantial amount of climbing condensed into 26 miles, and a little confusion at the front of the women's field.    Read More »

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"ProGold" Seriously the best products on the market when it comes to maintaining your

In the last year I've had to race in some really bad conditions but none worse than the night laps at this years 24 hour Nationals in the Zuni mountains near Gallup New Mexico. The course became so muddy so quick that the best racers in the country could not push much less ride their bikes. Those of ... Read More »

Progold Prolink Chain Lube -- Bottle is open & some other **** -- Online shop ripoff?

I got a Progold Prolink chain lube from an online shop. The bottle is open [should it be sealed?]. Also there was some of what's in it at the outside of the bottle; smells like naphthalene. I wonder if they got the lube and put in some other ****? [You may think I'm too suspicious, but if you che ... Read More »

Why is the Progold chain lube so good, but the bottle sucks so much?

I've gone back to using the Park Lube CL1 just because I like the applicator so much more. I guess when it's finished I'm gonna have to perform surgery on the bottle and pour the Progold in.Read More »

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ProGold Product Categories


Bike Wash 5
3   Reviews
$ 7.98
Degreaser Plus Wash Spray 5
4   Reviews
$ 9.99


Bike Shine 4.88
8   Reviews
$ 15.00
Blast Off 5
1   Reviews
$ 17.00
EPX Grease 5
4   Reviews
$ 13.98
Foaming Citrus Degreaser 5
1   Reviews
$ 15.00
Helmet Cleaner And Deodorizer 5
4   Reviews
$ 0.00
PG2000 Penetrating 5
1   Reviews
$ 16.50
Prolink Cable 5
2   Reviews
$ 7.50
ProLink Chain 4.68
186   Reviews
$ 10.00
Steel Frame Protector 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Xtreme Chain 4.94
16   Reviews
$ 12.00


Chain Gauge 0
0   Reviews
$ 15.98


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