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Vaude North Shore 20 Review

The pack is an excellent adventure pack, meant for the epic forays into the backcountry, when carrying large amounts of gear is a necessity, and its large capacity, useful pockets and outer attachments straps assist in that endeavor. It's tough and burly, yet simple and elegant, and includes many fe ...    Read More »

CRC 25 Years Old

Now entering the twenty fifth year of trading, Chain Reaction Cycles are well known throughout the world shipping to over 140 countries every day. The world's largest online bike store has grown through hard work, a strong family ethos and investment in stock, systems and most importantly people. He ...    Read More »

Transition Syren Review - Women's Specific Freeride

Test Rider name: Tiffany Allmandinger Age: 33 Height: 5’6” Inseam: 33” Weight: 135 lbs Bike: Transition Syren Size: M Kit: All Mountain Build Kit Syren Frame with 2010 Fox Racing Shocks - DHX 5 AIR Rear Shock $1,626.00 USD Parts Kit - All Mountain $1,279.00 USD www.transitionbikes.co ...    Read More »

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Restored the PROFLEX

I have restored BMX bikes, surfboards, cars, road bikes and this is my first mountain bike, I got the bike for free the elostomer was melted and the frame and drive train needed a good cleaning. I changed up a few parts with what I had laying around and here you have it, cant wait to see how it rid ... Read More »

Scored a Proflex today

Got this today for free, guy was throwing it away, any info would help, I already found the elastomer and ordered it.[URL="http://s60.photobucket.com/user/oldprobmx/media/ttset028_zpsf84e4115.jpg.html"][IMG]http://i60.photobucket.com/albums/h31/oldprobmx/ttset028_zpsf84e4115.jpg[/IMG][/URL]Read More »

Proflex ATF fork rebuild / modification

I won this fork on Ebay [url=http://www.ebay.com/itm/Proflex-Mountain-Bike-Fork-Shock-/251277370960?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&nma=true&si=TMFf7fN43J5d4MXYe7s7bxwLzt4%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc]ProFlex Mountain Bike Fork Shock | eBay[/url] I've been Googling for an hour t ... Read More »

K2/Proflex bike forum?

I finally found the K2 manufacture bike forum by backtracking through a k2 picture thread. Why does this K2/Proflex forum link not appear with the other bike manufacture forums and can you set it up so it does? Would be nice to link up with others who still ride the brand who brought us the first pr ... Read More »

Talk to me about ProFlex bikes

I found a ProFlex 755 on Craigslist locally. I'm thinking about totally lowballing the guy to see if he bites. He's asking $280, I was going to offer $175 and take it from there. I sent him an e-mail to see what components are on the bike as the ad isn't very descriptive. Is the design still rel ... Read More »

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Proflex Product Categories

Bike 1998 or Older

657 4.79
29   Reviews
756 Bike 4.5
12   Reviews
$ 1499.00
856 Bike 4.2
94   Reviews
$ 1899.00
Animal Bike 3.93
45   Reviews
$ 2599.00




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