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I Nine vs Profile Racing Elite - First impressions

I love riding and I like my stuff to match my personality. So, I had some wheels built (Casey @ AJ's Bike and Boards in Valrico, Fl). My first wheelset has Profile Racing Elite hubs with Arch EX rims (Red, black and white) and are mounted to my Giant Trance X1. The 2nd set are I Nine Torch Classi ... Read More »

Profile racing hubs

Has anyone tried the new Profile Racing 204 engagement pt hubs? Expensive, not super light and no track record but if they work "INSTANT ENGAGEMENT"!Read More »

Pugsley / Profile Racing bottom bracket modification

Finally got around to modifying my bottom bracket for an optimum setup with Profile Racing cranks using the external cups. I took 5mm off the drive side shell, giving me a 95mm bottom bracket width. This lets me get both crankarms in tight to the frame as well as keeping the sprocket in close fo ... Read More »

Surly Mr. Whirly vs Profile Racing MTB

Hi, I am thinking of getting either Mr. Whirly or Profile Racing crankset, but can't decide which one is better on the long term. It must be one of these two because of the crank length, 185mm (Surly) or 190mm (Profile). I've read few reviews about the Profiles, some say that it's easy to t ... Read More »

Profile Racing 6 speed cassette hub

Just saw this thing while perusing the Profile website.[url=http://profileracing.com/estore/product.php?productId=52&categoryId=8]Hub[/url] [img]http://profileracing.com/webstore/product_52.jpg[/img] It's just what I've been imagining! With all the movement towards 10/11 speed cassettes and thi ... Read More »


Profile Racing Product Categories

Bottom Bracket

BB Set/No Spindle 0
0   Reviews
$ 37.53
Spider Bolt 0
0   Reviews
$ 34.65
Tubespacer 0
0   Reviews
$ 2.24


Profile BMX Cassette Driver 0
0   Reviews
$ 61.25

Chain Accessories

Chain Tensioner 0
0   Reviews
$ 32.00


Racing SS BMX Chainring 0
0   Reviews
$ 42.07


BMX Crank Set 4.67
9   Reviews
$ 217.50
Crank Arm 0
0   Reviews
$ 56.00
Profile BMX Race Crank Set 0
0   Reviews
$ 158.77


Mini BMX Front 0
0   Reviews
$ 115.00
Mini Rear 0
0   Reviews
$ 209.00
Mini SS Cassette 0
0   Reviews
$ 215.00
Single Speed 3.33
3   Reviews


Acoustic BMX 0
0   Reviews
$ 64.32


BMX Crank 0
0   Reviews
$ 20.39

Water Carrier

Insulated Aero Drink 0
0   Reviews
$ 29.99




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