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The New Niner RLT 9 Gravel Grinder

Niner has joined the drop bar fray with the RLT 9 (Road Less Traveled). The first Niner for both 700 and 29" wheels, the RLT 9 is how Niner sees its staff and customers going from the office to the backcountry and back.    Read More »

Niner News - Complete Bikes, S.I.R. 9 and New Colors, Autumn Travels

Complete Bikes Introducing more ways to get rolling on a Niner - complete bikes that arrive at your Niner Dealer with all the components necessary to hit the trails. Our Star Builds represent our most popular Niner configurations at various price levels from Mild to Wild: 5-Star Best paired wit ...    Read More »

The Norco Roundup - Jill K from Prototype to Podium

From Prototype to Podium - Jill Kintner's Slalom Secret An athlete of any sport depends on several things for success to even be a possibility. Fitness, skill and experience play major roles but without the right tools, success may well be a hopeless aspiration. When it comes to mountain biking, ...    Read More »

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Is a Bontrager Privateer an upgrade over a Tek 970

I have a 96 X - Caliber, looking at a Privateer, price seems good. This is just my fat slick city bike, is it worth the hassle to go get it? TomRead More »

Fatbike article in Privateer magazine

Keep your eyes out for the issue of Privateer coming out in March for a story and some sweet Dan Barham photography all about riding fatbikes in the Yukon. If you hated the half-assed negativity recently from Pinkbike and Wired you'll love this article, it's all about having fun and crashing in th ... Read More »

PAID SPAM: 1996 Bontrager Privateer Comp, Rhode Island

[URL="http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=83519&title=bontrager-privateer-comp-xl-19-quot&cat=39"]1996 Bontrager Privateer Comp[/URL] located in Westerly, RI, pick up only.Read More »

Giro Privateer $109.99 free ship.....then add 20% coupon

20% coupon is HOLIDAY20 [url=http://www.artscyclery.com/descpage-GRPMSWB.html]Giro Privateer Mountain Shoe White/Black[/url]Read More »

Choosing a first pair of shoes... Monte, Privateer... Enduro?

Well, the "everything is on sale" season is here once again, and I promised myself last year (after everything was out of stock) that I would take the opportunity to get into clipless shoes and pedals. For shoes, I'm basically wanting something suitable for a ~120 pound rider, without laces, and ... Read More »

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