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Review: Princeton Tec Push

For $50, Princeton Tec offers a light here that claims 150 lLumens but actually measured higher at 212 Lumens. It also sports great side lighting with a nice red strip of light on each side.   Read More »

The Way Outdoor/Bike Lights Are Made - A Video By Princeton Tec

For more than 35 years, the outdoor lighting wizards at Princeton Tec have been churning out top-of-the-line lights at their headquarters in Bordentown, N.J. All the lights they make - from headlamps to bike lights - are Made in the USA using personal skill, expertise, and the latest innovative mach ...    Read More »

Princeton Tec Push - 2012 Mtbr Lights Shootout

Princeton Tec is an outdoor sports company with a loyal following.  Working with this light, I began to understand their core values. They offer basic, no-frills products that work. They are made with the best materials and construction and they're expected to perform day in and day out. Such vir ...    Read More »

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Quick shout-out to Princeton Tec

So, I had been having issues with my Apex light, and finally contacted Princeton Tec about service on it. Being a (fairly) local guy to their headquarters in Bordentown, NJ, I decided to drop the light off myself to spare some shipping charges. Incidentally, the gas I spent to get there was less t ... Read More »

Princeton Tec Switchback 3 Light

I just did an eight hour night race. Well, just before the race started my handle bar light broke and I thought I was going to be screwed with just the Switchback 3 on my helmet. I was wrong, the light was flawless and lasted till the end of my last lap when I got the warning flash telling me the ... Read More »

Superflash Stealth Vs Princeton Tec Swerve

okay I got my light system for the front now for the back...I've been doing a lot of reading and I believe I have came to a decision, but I want some other opinions before I buy. I've been between the [URL="http://www.rei.com/product/772679"]Superflash Stealth[/URL] and the [URL="http://www.rei.c ... Read More »

Anyone familiar with Princeton Tec

okay feel free to bash me if this is a really bad idea... :out: I use my bike mainly computing to and from my job [on a dirt road], but when I get time I also do some trail riding [nothing extreme]. I'm usually not done with work will after dark, and usually riding in the dark for about 45 mins. ... Read More »

Princeton Tec Corona Mods

I've got a Princeton Tec Corona headlamp that I modified a couple of years ago with a longer cord, molex connectors, and a different battery pack (running 4 NiMH) for commuting. I'm doing a little work on my lights to get ready for the winter and was considering fixing up my Corona a little. I ... Read More »

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Princeton Tec Product Categories


Apex 0
0   Reviews
$ 76.00
Byte 0
0   Reviews
$ 17.99
Corona 4.5
4   Reviews
$ 54.99
EOS Bike 4
3   Reviews
$ 44.99
Push 0
0   Reviews
$ 49.99
Swerve 4
3   Reviews
$ 29.99




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