Compare-O Bottom Line: Specialized S-Works Enduro 29 is the king of descent and more

The Specialized S-Works Enduro 29 makes the case for being the best of both worlds—a bike that handles like a 26er and rolls like a 29er. Did they pull it off?   Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: The BMC TrailFox TF01 XX-1 Trailcrew is a go-to enduro race bike

Swiss precision is in full effect on the BMC TrailFox TF01 XX1 Trailcrew, a thoroughbred high performer with a price tag to match.   Read More »

Feature: Hawaiian Beers

I was just in Hawaii for some serious off-season down time. I even left my bike at home so I’d be forced to do other activities. One of those activities happens to be a favorite pastime - taste and drink beer!    Read More »

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whats the dif between stinky and stinky dee-lux/primo

hey guys im trying to figure out the dif between the basic 04 stinky to the 04 stinky dee-lux/primo i have a basic stinky and i have 6 in travel i know the deelux/primo has 7 does anyone know whats different with the frames i would like to squeeze another inch outa my frame curent setup 04 stin ... Read More »

GWNF - Where to rent house? Which town is closest to the primo singletrack!?

Hey all. the week im coming up in sept i need suggestions on which TOWN to rent a house in. the Shenandoah mtb crews house is looking taken and im not familiar with the area. We prefer to ride in/ride out but will drive if needed. thanks for suggestions. VRBO has a lot in louray but is that c ... Read More »

Bike Purchase Advice 2003 Kona Stinky primo

I found a kona stinky Primo on craigslist and I haggled it down for $700 to $450, since I live in MD I dont think the market for old DH bikes is to large and I think that is my advantage here. However I need some other opinions, I asked if the bike had any rust and the guy told me there is a little ... Read More »

07 Kona stinky Primo cracked frame....

So I have a 07 stinky primo. I just realized that it has a crack on the frame at the bottom of on of the welds. Oh and the frame has recently been powder coated. Are they gonna not warrently this frame due to the powder coating? Also what's the currently like for this bike????? Mike G.Read More »

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Chain Tensioner 4
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Hollow Bite 4.22
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Moe's Bar 4.25
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Mustache Bar 3.75
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Casket Stem Pro XL 3
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