Review: Eleven Velo Mod Merino Trail Jersey and Premium Trail Shorts

Eleven Velo is an Australian brand that offers custom biking apparel that is comfortable, durable and stylish (to say the least!) Bespoke options means you can choose the colors and materials that suit you.   Read More »

Hot News: Easton releases Haven 35 oversized handlebars and stems

Upsized 35mm diameter strengthens, stiffens trail- and enduro-focused line.   Read More »

Tech Review: New Strava update boosts photos, mapping features and more

‏Update of Strava’s mobile app adds photo sharing and social features to free version, while compelling features and cycling support efforts make Premium subscription more appealing.   Read More »

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would you pay a premium for a sub 110 1x1?

as fate would have it, i've found a brand new surly 1x1 frame with sub 110 dropouts, serial number says its from 2001. it has never been faced, nor even had a wheel in the back dropout, it is truly cherry. for me its kind of one of those more rare bikes, and the condition is what sparks my intere ... Read More »

Crank brothers premium vs race cleat

Hi ! Just wanted to buy some cleats for my mallets and found these new "race" ones (are they actually new ?). I've always bought the "premium" ones... Would be nice if they made some more durable ones ! What's the difference between the premium ones and the race ones ? Premium : [url=http ... Read More »

Sell - Garmin edge 500 blue bundle premium

I sell new (not unpacking) garmin edge 500 blue bundle premium. Garmin is a completely new. In packaging is : [LIST] [*]Edge 500 blue [*]GSC10 Speed/Cadence sensor [*]Premium Heart Rate Monitor [*]Bike mount [*]AC charger [*]USB cable [*]Manuals [/LIST] I purchased for 250GBP And now sell for 22 ... Read More »

Choosing a Premium XC Racer: Superfly/Stumpjumper/Scale 900/F29er

Hi, this is sort of new territory for me; I am looking for a XC race 29er and could do with a little help please. I am currently coming to the end of my background research before I actually jump on a few saddles. I have sort of narrowed it down to these few: For reference, I am 6´4” therefor ... Read More »

Best (non-premium priced) cycling backpack?

Running a hydration backpack sans bladder just now. not big enough for a light puffy jacket and the spare/pump/snacks etc. Looking for a good suggestion for a readily available moderately priced pack for day trips in the cold season.Read More »

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