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Praxis Works Conversion BB Kits

Adam shows us one of Praxis Works Conversion BB Kits on a new Look BB30 bike. 68mm and 73mm shell widths for both Road or Mountain   Read More »

Fun, techy Soquel Demo Forest a perfect host for our Enduro Compare-O

Though it only measures out to 2,600 acres, the Soquel Demonstration State Forest packs a big mountain biking wallop. We show you around the place, and give you the map for a Compare-O of your own.    Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: 650B Wheels, Bottom Bracket "Standards" and Toilet Paper

The ASS rants this week about bottom bracket “standards”, what we call 650B wheels and the complexities of buying toilet paper.   Read More »

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Praxis Works HT2 BBs - durability / quality?

Not seen these till recently and I'm looking for a more durable BB than the Shimano HT2. Hope seems the obvious option but I'm less keen on a direct axle/ bearing mount - it'll either be a tight fit or a source of creaks? Maybe not justified, but I saw the Praxis BB uses sealed 6805 bearings with a ... Read More »

Praxis Works a sponsor/paid advertiser?

[B][URL="http://forums.mtbr.com/member.php?u=550025"]Praxis Works[/URL][/B] is advertising theirs products cool? not cool?Read More »

praxis works

Clicked on the advertisement here on MTBR as I was looking for new 2x10 chain rings for my 29er build in 64/104. Sent a random e-mail asking about 22/36 combos...got a reply back the next morning from Adam with good info and stating a 22/36 combo would be coming out this year...so for me, currently ... Read More »

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