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Stages Power Meter - Accurate and Affordable for Mountain Bikers

Accurate power meters are invaluable for getting faster but $3000 is a lot to spend on the current options. Stages Cycling is here with an $800 meter and if it works, then it will be revolutionary.   Read More »

Sea Otter Classic - February '09 Newsletter

Sea Otter Classic - February '09 Newsletter Event News Athlete registration is open now! Click here for race information and sign up for an event. Search event rosters here and check out the 2009 event schedule here. Exhibitor registration is now open! Be a part of Nort ...    Read More »

CTS Launches “Create Your Own Comeback” Campaign

Colorado Springs, CO – In honor of 7-Time Tour de France Champion Lance Armstrong’s return to professional cycling, Carmichael Training Systems has created the “Create Your Own Comeback” program to encourage athletes to get back in the game. With a compelling combination of services and products, ...    Read More »

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Paid spam (RBR): Powertap wheel with accessories

I'm trying to sell my road Powertap 28H rear wheel laced to Mavic Open Pro rims using DT Swiss Comp spokes : [url=http://classifieds.roadbikereview.com/showproduct.php?product=30809&title=powertap-open-pro-rear-wheel-and-accessories&cat=7]Powertap-Open Pro rear wheel and accessories - RoadBikeREV ... Read More »

Mountain Biking UK Dec2012 issue has a powertap hub test...

of three identical weight carbon hardtails, 26"/650B/29er tired, on the same course, using the powertap to keep the power output of the rider in check as he does laps on a course. The bikes were a Felt Six Pro, Felt Nine Team, and a KHS SixFifty 609. They used water bottle ballast to get the bikes t ... Read More »

Dilema rd or mtb powertap hub for Mtbiker

Hello guys, having a dilema over here. Have the cash to buy a powertap. I'm mainly a mtbiker racer. As I said I'm planning to bauy a powertap. I have rdbike on wich I do a lot of training from long endurance to intervals. But I also do a lot of training on my 29er. My question is this, should I buy ... Read More »

Mach 5.7c issues with Powertap Disc hub

I posted this in the powertap thread in the XC forum but I figured it would interest people here as well. [QUOTE=WR304;8850608][B]Coffee King (CK)[/B] pointed out that wheelbuilder.com now have a Powertap 142x12mm axle conversion kit available. The conversion kit allows you to use your existing P ... Read More »

powertap off road--useful?

Now that the technology has been out for a while, I was curious if people have found that the PM makes if possible to shift some of the road intervals work to off road? I use a PT on the road bike, but I hesitate on the MTB in part because of the high cost of the Disc hub and in part that I might e ... Read More »

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