Review: Wahoo KICKR Power Trainer

The Wahoo KICKR trainer grabs the boring old bike trainer and thrusts it into the tech world with social, virtual and viral features. At its core though, it feels like riding a bicycle.   Read More »

Stages Power Meter - Accurate and Affordable for Mountain Bikers

Accurate power meters are invaluable for getting faster but $3000 is a lot to spend on the current options. Stages Cycling is here with an $800 meter and if it works, then it will be revolutionary.   Read More »

Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Computer, Blue HR, Blue SC and KICKR Power Trainer

The new offerings from Wahoo Fitness that includes the Blue HR bluetooh 4.0 heartrate strap, the Blue SC bluetooth 4.0 speed and cadence sensor, and the RFLKT iPhone powered bike computer for your handlebars.    Read More »

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Bike Position for Power and Speed: free talk in Bend this friday night

this Friday, at the SHARC in Sunriver, I'll be giving a talk on bike position, and giving some really key tips on how to pedal stronger (the right way.....and its way more than just circles vs squares!) Pedaling circles vs squares? we'll explore truth vs myth. how should you sit on a bike? Ped ... Read More »

Seatpost robbing me of power and causing back pain?

I was listening to a Mountain Bike Radio podcast earlier this week. A rep from Thomson was on and discussing some of the Thomson products. The question of carbon seatposts came up. The Thomson rep said that he did not think that carbon makes a good seatpost. He claimed that the flexy nature of c ... Read More »

Magura MT8 - Stopping Power

I've been using MT8 for the last 3 months and I'm unsatisfied with it's rear brake stopping power. It's very weak compared to the XTR I used before... sometimes on steep descents I even have the feeling I have no rear brakes at all. Is there something I can do about it? Any dial or set up? (apa ... Read More »

Can my bike power my toaster?

Or, how many cyclists would it take to power a home for a day? [url=]Ask Umbra: Can my bicycle power my toaster? | Grist[/url] [url] ... Read More »

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