Just In: Ergon GE1 Grips

The new GE1 grip follows along the design’s concepts of their existing GA1 series of grips. The grip was developed for gravity specific mountain biking, and it utilizes two rubber compounds for damping purposes and a textured section which works opposite the direction of hand rotation to help for a ...    Read More »

Interbike 2013: Ergon Saddles, Grips and More

For 2014, Ergon has the new SME3 Enduro saddle, SRX3 Cyclocross saddle, GE1 Enduro grips, BP100 back protector, and the revamped BA3 pack.    Read More »

Compare-O Bottom Line: The Felt Virtue Nine 20 proves you don't need to spend a mint to have a good time

The well-spec’d Felt Virtue Nine 20 climbs well, looks great and does well on terrain up to about the intermediate level. It also proves you don’t have to spend a mint to have a good time.    Read More »

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Power Grips?

Anyone use them in winter with boots? I'm interested in opinions vs using some kind of clipless pedal. I would think that something like power grips would allow for a wider rage of boot options rather than needing something bike-specific with cleats.Read More »

Mounting Power Grips on Smaller Pedal?

I just got my Wellgo WR-1 pedals w/Ti spindle. These pedals are very light and a little smaller that the pedals that they are replacing. I really like my PGs and want to mount them on my new pedals. The problem is that the pedlas are a little shorter than what I have. The PGs have a bracket that ... Read More »

Is there a durable, Power Grips compatible pedal out there?

I posted this in the Clyde forum section, but I guess it does not have as much exposure as the general section to give some more diverse suggestions, because so few people dont ride things other than big platform or clip-less now-a-days. But I am really fighting the need to jump to clipless, mostly ... Read More »

cheapest place to buy power grips? (for pedals)

(for pedals) I've gotten them as low as ~$10 from Nashbar before, now they are 2x that. I need to replace 3 pairs of them. My favorite alternative to clipless. Ideas?Read More »

power grips

Any word on power grips. I have always been curious about those. I currently run time pedals, but I still find myself chickening out on technical downhill stuff. I used to run the oldschool platform, clip and strap combo. When I would get to a techinical section I would just take my feet out of the ... Read More »

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