Azonic Drop-In Dropper Post, Flat Iron Pedal, Stems, Wheels and more

Check out some new products from Azonic including the all new Drop-In adjustable seatpost, the Flat Iron pedal, the Club and Pleasure Dome stems, Outcast wheels and O'Neal Maniac shorts.   Read More »

Sneak Peek: X-Fusion Hilo SL Dropper Post

Mtbr went on a field trip this week and we broke in to the X-Fusion headquarters to see some new product. We stealthily snuck in through the back door to get the scoop before the Sea Otter wave of product introductions begin. Here's the new Mtbr contributing editor Don Palermini taking the lead. ...    Read More »

Bike Check #1: Nine cool bikes from pre-Sea Otter rides

Sea Otter starts today and we kick off our coverage with a bike check of bikes some of our industry friends are riding this weekend. Keep a sharp eye peeled and you may see some previously unreleased new product.   Read More »

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Across Newfoundland by fatbike (X-post)

The [URL=""]Newfoundland T'Railway[/URL] is a 900 km long linear provincial park created from the former railway line that ran from end-to-end of the province. I recently rode the entire length on a fatbike in ten days. The T'Railway is the playground of ATV's and snowmobiles ... Read More »

Any handlebar, stem, seat post deals?

I'm thinking about upgrading my handlebars, stem and seat post to carbon. Are there any deals worth jumping on?Read More »

X-Post - XTR Shadow Plus Clutch and MRP G2SL

Anyone else running this setup? I would appreciate your help. [URL=""][/URL]Read More »

post concussion helmet choice

So I had an off and a resulting concussion. out for about 1 week. Dumbass me goes swimming another week later, does a cannon ball, and gets concussed AGAIN! so 2 in 3 weeks. Now I'm sitting on the couch for about 4 weeks now, and finally feeling better. So.... I need a new helmet with the best ... Read More »

Reba Post mount adapter

Hi Guys, after a bit of help. I have recently upgraded my forks from Recon TK Silver to Reba RLT. Every thing was going fine until I went to mount the brake caliper. I assumed that being the same brand the post mounts would be the same. On the Reba the lower mount is shorter and the adapter bolts do ... Read More »

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