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Former Planet Bike Employees launch Portland Design Works

Portland, OR- January 19, 2009- Industry veterans Erik Olson and Dan Powell have launched Portland Design Works (PDW), a new brand of urban bicycle accessories with a focus on simple, beautiful design. The first two categories of product, grips and inflation, will begin shipping in mid-February and ...    Read More »

24K Gold Mountain Bike on Sale for $1 Million

The House of Solid Gold offers to you the first 24K Gold Mountain bike, perhaps the most expensive bike in the world at $1 million. Why did they make it? We're not quite sure. But the real question is who will buy it and will one of these ever get ridden on a trail.   Read More »

ORP's Bike Light With Integrated Smart Horn

ORP's LED bike light with integrated (and loud) horn helps cyclists to be safe when riding in traffic, but use wisely.   Read More »

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Portland Design Works Danger Zone Rear Light

Decent deal for a 2 x 1/2W LED tail light. If I hadn't just bought a new Smart Lunar 1W I would be all over this. $18.98 [url=http://www.westernbikeworks.com/product/portland-design-works-danger-zone-rear-light]Portland Design Works Danger Zone Rear Light at WesternBikeworks[/url] Here's a nice ... Read More »

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