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Round-Up: Four polar vortex-fighting mountain bike shoes to keep your feet warm and dry

We test four different winter MTB shoes to find the ideal kicks for wet, muddy and sub-freezing conditions.   Read More »

Polar Bottle Unveils New 12oz Bottle

Boulder, CO—Polar Bottle® salesmen Sam Whitney and Jacob Dana took to their bikes yesterday afternoon, pedaling their way to various Boulder bike shops to peddle their company’s newest product: a 12-ounce addition to the emblematic Insulated Sport Bottle line. The bottle will be familiar to any Pola ...    Read More »

22 bikes, 14 riders, three days–welcome to Mtbr's first ever Enduro Compare-O

Mtbr’s biggest bike test ever is about to explode…Get the 411 on what we’ll be rolling out on a daily basis over the next month.   Read More »

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2013 Indianapolis, IN Polar Bear Pedal

I got moved (mostly) up to Indy just in time to do this commuter celebration ride. It looks like the grand total was more than 1,000 riders who showed up this morning. It was great weather for a ride. Cold, but sunny most of the ride. We got police escort, so we got to take up just about the who ... Read More »

what do you all think about the new polar hrm?

I am between rcx3 or the rcx5 has anyone tryed these models?Read More »

2012 - 13 Polar Pedal Challenge -- Game on!

The weather where I live has started its downward spiral in temperature. To celebrate the coming of winter, I thought of an idea to help encourage me, and perhaps others, to not let the bike gather snowflakes over the winter. Enter the Polar Pedal Challenge. Goal: Ride* your bike on progressively ... Read More »

Specialized vs Polar!

Hi every one, I'm getting a Specialized hardrock sport disc (580 euros)but for the same money here in macedonia I can get a Polar Viper (580 euros) ( Polar is a Serbian bike company [url=http://www.polarbikes.com/viper-2012/]VIPER | 2012 : POLAR Bikes[/url] ) It wights 12,7 kg rather than the hea ... Read More »

Polar challenge Super Fat Bike

Sorry if this has been posted. [img]http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/57590000/jpg/_57590861_bike.464.jpg[/img] An expedition is attempting to be the first to use a bike to reach the South Pole. It will mean tackling some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. So how can a bike mana ... Read More »

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