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Compare-O Bottom Line: Ultimate one bike quiver? The $10k Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon might be it

You won’t win the Enduro World Series on this bike, but you could ride it just about anywhere in the world.   Read More »

Review: DT Swiss Spline One Wheelset

The DT Swiss Spline 1 is an excellent set of wheels, that are stiff, strong and light, and utilize their superb 240 hub internals.    Read More »

Shootout: One Long Race, Four Bikes Compared

Racing four different Santa Cruz bikes for this year’s TBF 50 Miler in Granite Bay! The Tallboy would start off the shenanigans, while saving the speedy Highball for the end.   Read More »

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PAID SPAM: Point1 Point One Podium pedals, raw finish, 1-ride MINT

Thanks for looking! [url=http://classifieds.mtbr.com/showproduct.php?product=86437&title=point1-po1nt-point-one-podium-raw-extra-pins-1-ride-mint&cat=16]Point1 Po1nt Point One Podium Raw, extra pins , 1-ride, MINT - Buy and Sell and Review Mountain Bikes and Accessories[/url]Read More »

Point One Racing Podium pedals

A quick question for current owners of the "raw" finish. I just received mine and they are very rough looking. It looks like they came straight off a slightly miscalibrated CNC machine and were assembled. Do yours show uneven machine marks? Mine have steps where the machining passes were made. It ju ... Read More »

Point One Racing 15% off thru May 31

[IMG]https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/p480x480/523898_399211360099362_117906398229861_1324529_723877395_n.jpg[/IMG]Read More »

Titanium Spindle For Point One Podiums

I'm aware that titanium spindles from other brands can sometimes be switched out for a pedal's stock steel spindles. Are there any titanium spindles which would fit the Podiums? Any idea why Point One doesn't offer titanium spindles as an option? They'd probably save about 25 grams per pedal... ... Read More »

Point One Podiums vs. Straitline AMP Ti axle

I'm interested in getting a pair of light platform pedals mostly to be used for light trail riding, and have decided to get either the Podiums or the AMP's. They're about the same price, and the cost really isn't an issue... I'd like to get input on which pedal would be better amd why. They'l ... Read More »

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Point One Product Categories


Podium 4.43
7   Reviews
$ 254.00
Podium 2 0
0   Reviews
$ 169.00


Infinite Direct Mount 0
0   Reviews
$ 0.00
Split Second 5
4   Reviews
$ 119.00


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