Video: Santa Cruz Jackal Day Trip With Bryceland and Peat

Pump tracks and dirt jump parks are all the rage but big wheels and all that suspension are not really the ideal tools for the job. Bryceland and Peat cruise around with the Santa Cruz Jackal and just have fun with their dirt jump bikes.   Read More »

2013 Eurobike Blog - Day 2

Eurobike Day 2 Highlights - American Classic 27.5 wheels, Sandwich Bikes, CamelBak water wall, Salsa Beargrease carbon, BMC commuter and more.   Read More »

Leg Lube Review

Leg shaving is a hallowed tradition for cyclists (not me), and Leg Lube Performance Shave Gel might just be one of the best products for the endeavor on the market. I was contacted by Austin Baskett from Leg Lube, asking if I might be interested in reviewing their athletic shaving product. I am a ...    Read More »

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Healing injuries with sativa plant oil ( Black seed oil ) | knee joint natural cure.

basically, the body does the healing naturally but we can boost that healing process by applying some plant's oil around the wound/effected muscle. recently I had an accident on the knee joint (I was practising some parkour) . I could not walk home properly, I had to rest after every 10-20 mint of w ... Read More »

A whole foods plant based diet.

I know a lot of questions on this forum deal with supplements, fat, carbos, protein, fish oil and the like. I have gone from vegetarian (with a bunch of cheese, ice cream, eggs and other dairy thrown in for good measure!) to almost a 100% whole foods plant based diet. I feel better now and perform ... Read More »

Clean Sport Nutrition webinar (warning, plant based nutrition)!

I am going to be watching this webinar this afternoon. It talks about plant based nutrition, fueling and recovery. Here is the link if anyone is interested. [url=]Clean Sport Nutrition 101 | Learn It Live[/url]Read More »

Maybe Biking Through the Nuke Weapon Plant was a Bad Idea

[url=]Y-12 trespassing charge dismissed against cyclist » Knoxville News Sentinel[/url]Read More »

Transylvania Co proposes biomass plant, meeting this week in Brevard

This Thursday, 4/11 there will be a meeting in the Rogow room at the public library in downtown Brevard at 7:00. Please come to show your support, voice opposition or just learn. Big crowds are good at a time like this and the county council plus this developer need to know we all care. The bike com ... Read More »

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