Old School - Wired Planet Bike 9.0

After years of happily riding without a cycle computer, I broke down and purchased a wired Planet Bike 9.0. Part of the reason was cycling with boy scouts. I needed a quick and easy way to ensure we get the mileage for cycling merit badge credit. With all of the fancy GPS-based posts, I figure ... Read More »

Bike Planet 15w help

Have this light I have not used in a couple years. Went to charge and the light just shows charged but won't work. I looked into replacing the cells but they want close to 60 bucks for the 5 batteries. I am hoping someone has the battery that maybe the light got crunched. Let me know. Hate to t ... Read More »

Planet bike front fender for Haro v-1 ?

Hey I was wondering if My haro v-1 , has a typical dowtube size as other bikes. Bought a Planet bike front fender hoping it fits. It straps to the downtube Any info would be greatRead More »

Entry Level computer Cateye Vectra, Planet Bike, or...

I'm looking into getting a cycling computer for the first time. I don't need anything to fancy I just want it to work reliably. Only basic features are needed mph, odometer, etc. and it can be wired or wireless. I've been looking at the Cateye Vectra and the Planet Bike Protege 9.0 as the main point ... Read More »

Planet bike fender folded and jammed in fork; common?

I just started bike commuting a few weeks ago and am loving it. I mind the rain less than i thought i would. I put a set of planet bike hardcore road fenders on my redline conquest disk-r and they went on fine, easy to adjust and all of that. I was initially impressed with them as they don't buzz or ... Read More »


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Analog Tire Gauge 0
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1200/Blinky 3 Light Set 3
0   Reviews
$ 25.00
Alias 4.07
24   Reviews
$ 137.00
Alias HID 3.62
9   Reviews
Dual Spot 3.75
4   Reviews
$ 24.99
Insight 3.35
23   Reviews
$ 127.00
Super Spot 5
0   Reviews
$ 29.00


Micro Pro 0
0   Reviews
$ 11.00
Micromite 2.67
0   Reviews
$ 15.00
Ozone ATB AL 4
0   Reviews
$ 14.00
Ozone ATB AL With Gauge 0
0   Reviews
$ 13.00



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