Feature: Hawaiian Beers

I was just in Hawaii for some serious off-season down time. I even left my bike at home so I’d be forced to do other activities. One of those activities happens to be a favorite pastime - taste and drink beer!    Read More »

Leadville 100: Advice From An 11-Time Finisher

So you want the coveted La Plata Grande — the big belt buckle given only to those who stop the Leadville 100 finish line clock in under 9 hours. Then heed the advice of Mtbr.com fast man Mark Gouge who has 11 Leadville 100 finishes, including nine sub-9 hour finishes and a personal best of 8:02.   Read More »

Updated: Sneak Peek Of Giant’s Prototype 27.5-inch Bikes

When a company spends upwards of $100,000 per carbon mold and makes three of said molds, it’s a safe bet that something new is moving quickly down the pipeline toward public availability. That would certainly appear to be the case with Giant and the burgeoning realm of 27.5-inch mountain bikes.    Read More »

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Donlin Gold (who proposes to build a pipeline on the Iditarod Trail) in the press.

"Operating the mine will require vast quantities of energy. The mine plan calls for an average load of 153 megawatts of electricity, roughly the same amount consumed by Fairbanks, Alaska’s second largest city. To generate this power, Donlin Gold will build a buried natural gas pipeline running from ... Read More »

Pipeline and another "Trail"

Headed up for a couple shuttle runs down Pipeline and the "other Trail" I'll throw some pics and a vid up tonight to give everyone a good reference to how the conditions are. Should be interesting...:DRead More »


Aran Cook showing some skills while riding up a pipeline to an old coal mine. Pipeline from Cyclops on Vimeo.Read More »

Can you get Kona Pipeline and will you ship?

Hey guys, first time posting in the beer forum. I was wondering if someone on here has had experience in shipping beer? Does it really cost the ~$30 online retailers are looking for? I'm trying to get Kona Pipeline here in Alabama. Not only would shipping from everywhere i've seen cost 30 bucks, ... Read More »

Brand new rider - taking another noob - Pipeline Trail?

Hi there, just moved to SLC and got my first bike a few weeks ago. Having a great time with it. I've got a few questions I'm hoping you guys can help me out with. First off, my brother is coming to visit me this weekend. He is a huge outdoorsy guy, so he wants me to take him mountain biking. I've ... Read More »

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