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Hot News: Shimano releases new 11-speed XTR group with 1x, 2x and 3x configurations

Shimano officially announced the long-anticipated release of a new 11-speed XTR mountain bike component group today in both Race and Trail tuned versions.    Read More »

The Mtbr Best Beer Guide

Beer is one of the common threads that unites many of us mountain bikers. How does one navigate through the roof-high racks of many beer shops? We have a few words of advice and we've recruited a couple experts to help guide you through your journey.   Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: You’re Using the Word “Epic” Too Much

The word “epic” gets tossed around far too casually, describing everything from a weeknight jaunt to a post-ride burrito.   Read More »

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Found Sunglasses at Rice Pinnacle - Monday June 24

As I drove down Wesley Branch away from Rice Pinnacle I saw a pair of glasses hit the ground in my mirror. If you left your glasses on a car that was not yours on Monday send me a message w/ a description.Read More »

Pinnacle for IPad any users?

Hey, Anyone using Pinnacle for Ipad, and importing from Camera to Ipad via a USB or Card reader? [URL="http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/au/Products/Consumer+Products/Home+Video/Studio+Family/Pinnacle+Studio+for+iPad.html"]Check here for Link [/URL] Looking for a neat small portable set ... Read More »

Lost Keys - Bent Creek/Pinnacle Parking Lot

Lost large set of keys, has/had mini stainless S-clip and small black flashlight attached. :madman: Last known whereabouts Bent Creek, Pinnacle parking lot, Saturday 12/15/2012 between 8-10:30 AM. Please reply private message if found. Thanks,Read More »

XPost: 1990's Klein Pinnacle

I recently acquired a 90's Klein Pinnacle that came with Deore XT, LX and DX parts. SIS 7 speed thumbs and XT pedals and headset. Even the seat post is Deore XT. I am currently letting my 14 yo ride it but am not sure if this is a wise decision. I would like your thoughts since I think that it may b ... Read More »

90's Klein Pinnacle

I recently acquired a 90's era Klein Pinnacle. It came with original Shimano Deore XT, Lx and DX parts. & speed sis thumb shifters with XT headset, seat post and pedals. Just want to know its value since I am letting my 14 yo use it, or should I just build him another one and keep this one in safe k ... Read More »

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