Philips SafeRide -- improving the usability

(Mods, please move to the DIY section if more appropriate). For commuters and utility cyclists, the Philips SafeRide is a real winner. After seeing the shootout beamshots, I bought one and it's been great. The only problem, as several here have already remarked, is the stupid way the light a ... Read More »

Philips SafeRide for Commuting

when i first saw a picture of it i thought it was some kind of a joke ... but as i have looked into it, it looks like it might work: @ 400 lumens: [url][/url] it produces illumination close to NR @ 3600 lumens: [url] ... Read More »

Mission Impossible: XML conversion for the Philips SafeRide (parts 1 through 6)

OK, so the original challenge went something like this... “I see that you’re making custom lights. What would you think about taking a decent Philips SafeRide (PSR) and turning it into a fire-breathing monster by retrofitting it with CREE’s XML emitters and new electronics?” At first glance I t ... Read More »

philips 850 lumens

any one have any ideas on how to power this[url=]Philips 37805-9 - 50 Watt - MR16[/url]Read More »

Philips saferide in U.S.?

I want to buy one of the Philips Saferide headlights tested in the MTBR Light shootout this fall--it looks like just the ticket for my commute! [url=]Philips SafeRide LED Bike Light – 2012 Mtbr Lights Shootou ... Read More »

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