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where can i buy a pazzaz seat post?

i can't find them anywhere, any suggestionsRead More »

HELP! Where to get Pazzaz handlebar shims?

Need help folks. Does anyone know where to get Pazzaz handlebar shims? Seatpost shims are readily available, but I need handlebar shims. See, I'm in love with Tioga 286 bars (remember them, they used to go with the Tioga Cube stems). I have 3 of them but they are an odd size. They are 28.6mm, ... Read More »

pazzaz reliability

i had just ordered a pazaz flatbar 158g claimes and theit stem 140g claimed to replace my existing rf bar and stem. but what i really want to know is how strong they really are. cause the clamping area for the steer tube on the stem is very thin and a a $30 pazzaz bar weighs the same as an $80 easto ... Read More »

Weight difference between Steel and Ti bolts on Pazzaz stem

I know that many people have been buying the Pazzaz stem cuz its relatively lightweight and inexpensive, so I just thought I'd post the weights before and after using Ti bolts. This is a 120 mm stem and the Ti weight is with standard tapered head Ti bolts from [URL=http://titaniumfasteners.com/shop/ ... Read More »

pazzaz stem has been defeated

the sette Venn stem is 140 grams and it costs $12 bucks alone, or $20 with a 160gm handlebar: [url]http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/12702-135_SETVV4_KIT-3-Parts-72-Stems/Sette-Vector-Straight-Handlebar-2014-w_-Sette-Venn-Mountain-Stem.htm[/url] looks like the 140 gram pazzaz has been succeeded b ... Read More »





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