GT i-drive and Pashley Sonnet Bliss stolen

Well, I've been reading these threads for ages so I'm finally on. But my first post is not great. Yup, I'm another recent victim. Tuesday morning. Went to work. Then... The morons lifted our big iron gate off the hinges, climbed over the 7ft fence and ripped open the shed door. They could then open ... Read More »

Pashley Roadster/ Questions

Hello, New here & was wondering if my height would be appropriate for this bike. :confused: As I have it understood the frame size is 20.5 & I'm 5'6 with a 30 inch inseam. As for going to a local shop, only one carries them in my town and he hasn't gotten them in (it's been a month) I can wait ... Read More »

Pashley Paramount.

[url][/url] Hi all, would this frame, make a good 29er MTB? i.e. going custom with this design, provided the frame design is not copyright of course.Read More »

Pashley - Princess Sovereign: Anyone have experience with these bikes?

I am seriously considering purchasing a Pashley Princess Sovereign for my wife. I am told they are the absolute finest handmade City Bikes anywhere. However it is impossible for me to find one to test ride. I have only found one authorized dealer in the USA in North Carolina and he happens to hav ... Read More »


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