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1990's Parkpre 26" Catalyst mountain Bike, any info

I local man has a Parkpre 26" Catalyst mountain Bike from the 90's that has been in his garage for a decade, seems to be in great shape, anyone know anything about these bikes? He said they where built for 9 years by someone who use to work for diamondback, tying to see if they where decent bikes, t ... Read More »

Parkpre Mt29pollici

I am not sure how Parkpre was revised as an Italian company But it looks like they are making a Carbon 29 for the Euro Market as a start. [url]http://www.parkpre.it/site/en/bikes.php?page=mtb&bike=mt29pollici[/url] Along with some killer Road bikes I have fond affections for my old Tange ... Read More »

Parkpre Tange Shocks

I have given a Parkpre Comp Limited (1994?) to a friend and the Tange GS shocks are shot. I know virtually nothing about mountain bikes (I am strictly a roadie) and need to know if they make these shocks anymore (doubtful I think), OR if I can fix them with a kit, OR if I would be better off just p ... Read More »

Fork Recommendations - ParkPre Pro Elite Ti w Judy

I own an old XC ParkPre Pro Elite titanium frame bike with the original RockShox Judy. I use the bike mostly on XCountry trails and some mountain trails. I'm 6' and weight just over 220 lbs. Here's the real catch....I'd like to keep the old brakes and not have to switch to discs. Remote lock-out ... Read More »

ParkPre Hammer Score

Does any one have any info on this thing???? I am almost finished with my MB-0 and was wondering if this one is worth a restore. Thanks for any info RickRead More »



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