Park Tool Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Park Tool is a brand name well known in the bike industry for quality and durability. Walk into ANY bike shop and you will find Park Tools. Check out this cool company retrospective for their 50th anniversary.   Read More »

Park Tool's New Power Lift Shop Repair Stand and More

When I last talked to Calvin from Park Tool (at the recent QBP SaddleDrive event) he gave me a hint as to what new products they would be showing at Interbike. He said the new product would be, "Made for you if you have a bad back or a really heavy bike." My guess at the time was a power lift bike ...    Read More »

QBP SaddleDrive - Park Tool, Pedro's, Lazer, SixSixOne, Wahoo Fitness and more!

QBP is the largest bicycle parts distributor in the US and they hold a special event every year for their top dealers and select media. The event is held in QBPs backyard (QBP West is based out of Ogden, UT. Their main world HQ is in Bloomington, MN) at the Snowbasin lodge and resort. It was a pe ...    Read More »

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what size ratchet socket will fit the Park Tool FR-5G?

I tightened a cassette using a 10 inch crescent wrench on the Park Tool FR-5G... but just found my torque wrench, & wanna retighten it. But i don't have a ratchet socket large enough to fit onto the FR-5G. Closest i have is 7/8 ratchet socket. It almost fits. Can anyone please tell me what size ra ... Read More »

park tool big blue book of repair

park tool big blue book of repair - is this book useful? and is there much difference between 2nd ed and 3rd ed ? Thanks in advance. btw, where can I get suntour tool for opening preload knob on suspension?Read More »

Park Post Mount Disc Brake Facing tool available at a local shop?

Anyone know if a local shop has this tool/offers this service in the Denver area. I purchased a Carver carbon OBeast fork and the post mount face is not a perfect 90 degrees to the brake disc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks RyanRead More »

Park tool Poly lube 1000 on freewheel ratchet

Too sticky, freewheeling drags chain etc. What do you guys use to grease this. Cleaned all the grease out and put some finish line dry teflon chain lube in there. Works like a charm. Is it bad to have the chain lube that close to the bearing track? Any better ideas?Read More »

Park reamer on a Cyclus HTR tool

I know I have seen multiple posts on how Cyclus reamers won't fit on the Park HTR-1. But would it work the other way? Use a Park cutter on a Cyclus head tube reamer? Would the bore diameter of the Park cutter have to be opened up to fit? Thanks, ChrisRead More »

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Park Tool Product Categories


BBB-1 The Big Blue Book Of Bike Repair 3.5
2   Reviews
$ 0.00


PFP-3 Home Mechanic Pump 2.32
18   Reviews
$ 30.00


BK-2 Roll Up Complete Workshop 4.67
3   Reviews
$ 0.00
BT-5 Adj 3rd Hand Brake Tool 2
2   Reviews
$ 21.99
BTK-1 Bucket and Tool Kilt 0
0   Reviews
$ 55.00
DAG-1 Derailleur Alignment Gauge 5
4   Reviews
$ 49.99
Double-Sided Cone Wrench 4.5
2   Reviews
$ 3.50
1   Reviews
$ 6.00
FR1 Casette lockring tool 0
0   Reviews
$ 16.00
Headset/Lockring Tool Set 0
0   Reviews
$ 21.00
HHP-1 Head Cup Press 5
2   Reviews
$ 106.99
Mini Tool Kit 3.31
13   Reviews
$ 25.00
PK-57 Professional Tool Kit 0
0   Reviews
$ 699.99
PPM-2 Tool Kit 0
0   Reviews
$ 31.99
PRS-15 Professional Race Stand 5
1   Reviews
$ 0.00
PRS-3 OS Stand 0
0   Reviews
$ 224.99
PRS-5 Professional Race Stand 4.63
24   Reviews
$ 230.00
Tools Mini Chain Brute 4.6
5   Reviews
$ 20.00
TS-3 Master Truing Stand 4.67
2   Reviews
$ 479.95



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