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P2 29er fork question

Does anyone know if fork will accept 15mm axle? Its a 2012 model. ThanksRead More »

Norco 125 vs Specialized P2

Hey just wondering what opinions are on the two bikes. The norco is only $200 whereas the specialized is $400 both on craigslist. Mostly interested for dirt jumping but also a little bit of trail stuff.Read More »

Quick Q: Specialized P2 Downhill Forks

Yo, [B]Specialized P2 '05[/B] on [B]downhill[/B] What [B]travel[/B]? Also can you suggest some decent second hand forks which would suit it? Cheers [IMG]http://forums.mtbr.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=780894&d=1363295319[/IMG]Read More »

Used P2

I found someone selling a used 2012 P2 and would like your opinion if its a good price. The bike is all stock except for stem and front tire. There are no dents just some scratches on frame. The seller wants 750. Is this a decent price? I will be looking at it tomorrow.Read More »

missing Specialized P2 in Santa Cruz?

A friend's sone recently had his bmx bike stolen from Cedar St. downtown. Miraculously while doing jr. life guards here in SCruz, he noticed it and with the help of the other Jr. Guards and adults present, they were able to get it back (and called the cops on the bums that had it -- no arrests were ... Read More »





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