BMC Hires CFEprPlus to Elevate MTB Business

BMC HIRES CFEprPlus TO ELEVATE MTB BUSINESS Boehmke Currently Touring Swiss Factory to Prepare for '11 Launch GRENCHEN, SWITZERLAND (CFEpr+) - BMC Swiss Cycling Technology has teamed with CFEprPlus to increase the exposure and sales of their mountain bike product line. Elev ...    Read More »

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2011 Fuji Outland 3.0 29er, input?

Im looking at buying a new '11 Outland 29er 3.0 for my wife from my LBS. Hes offering us a pretty damned good deal. Original price was $1479, hes offering it to us for $1250 and giving us $250 for my wifes '11 Giant Revel 2W. Im assuming this to be a pretty good deal from what im finding online. Per ... Read More »

12 Cannondale Trail SL 29r 4 vs 11 Focus Black Forest 3.0 29r vs Fuji Outland 29r 3.0

So I'm moving to the SF Bay Area from Italy and given the huge amount of awesome trails there I really want to get back in the action. I'm currently commuting to work with a hybrid walmart-level Schwinn. I'm in the process of getting a new 29er MTB considering: - I'll be commuting with it m ... Read More »

Outland Designs VPP Frmae

I am looking for an Outland Designs VPP frame from the 1997 time frame. I still have mine but want to build another and loved that frame. It was chrome with yellow letters. Trying to find a needle in a hay stack here.....Read More »

Fuji Outland 3.0 29er

Has anyone tried the Fuji Outland 3.0 29er? They are on sale at Performance for $999, which seems like a good deal for a full suspension 29er. However, when I checked it out at the shop, it felt rather heavy.Read More »

Shock size on '07-'10 Outland Pro?

I was toying with the idea of a different shock on my Outland, until I emailed Fuji regarding the size of the rear shock. Here is the reply I received: [B]The eye to eye is 165mm on that frame and the stroke of the shock you are using should be about 50mm[/B]. That would make the rear shock a ... Read More »

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Outland Product Categories

Bike 1998 or Older

VPP5 3.71
7   Reviews


Adventure II Helmet Camera 1
1   Reviews


VPP6 5
1   Reviews
Sports VPP5 3.82
32   Reviews
$ 1999.00

Full Suspension Bike

1999 VPP3 XC 4
2   Reviews
$ 3760.00
1999 VPP5 Dual Crown 4.11
9   Reviews
$ 4420.00
1999 VPP6 DH 0
0   Reviews
$ 3585.00
1999 VPP6 RnD 0
0   Reviews
$ 3405.00
1999 VPP6 XC 0
0   Reviews
$ 3600.00
1999 VPP9 DH 1
1   Reviews



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