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Enduro Compare-O: The Mtbr test crew picks their favorite Dream Bike Spec components

Our test crew picks their ultimate, no-holds-barred component mix from the Enduro Compare-O in our Dream Spec feature.    Read More »

The Angry Singlespeeder: This 4th of July, Buy Something American Made

So you want more American made products? Then start buying more American made products.   Read More »

Ergon GP1 Grip Review

ERGON GP1 GRIPS by Robb Sutton from Mountain Biking by 198 http://www.mtbtrailreview.com From Ergon-bike.com The GP1 series of grips offer maximum comfort and the best possible pressure distribution. They are specially cut for a small to middle sized hand (Size S: 6.5 / 8.5 - particularly good fo ...    Read More »

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Oury grip knockoff - $5.90

From DealExtreme (free shipping) Other colors available. Just ordered them. I'll report back when they get here ..... next month. [url=http://dx.com/p/187203-comfortable-soft-rubber-non-slip-handlebar-grip-covers-for-bicycle-black-22-5mm-pair-201071]Black Comfortable Soft Rubber Non-Slip Han ... Read More »

ESI vs Oury - slippery when wet?

I'm currently using Ourys on a Carnegie's bar on my rigid SS. I like the cush of the Oury but finding them a bit too thick. They also get a bit slippery once my palms start to sweat (yep, no gloves). I'm wondering if the ESI Chunkys might be a good alternative. I've read reviews saying these get ... Read More »

Oury Lock On grips...

Ok just got my first pair of grips and cant figure out what the screw and the thing on it are for on the bar cap part? Ive got the round clamps but I see nowhere this would screw into or anywhere it could connect to? Did I get a incomplete set possibly? Any help or information would be great. Thanks ... Read More »

Oury Grips?

Is there any distributor in Canada for these? Seems like a lot of hassle to order a 10 dollar item from the US not to mention the shipping charges. I have never ordered any bike parts online, how is the customs for getting parts into Canada?Read More »

ODI locks on OURY grips?

Would that work? I have ODI rogue grips and I'd like to try Oury. But I want to use my blue locks.............Read More »

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Oury Product Categories


Grips 4.61
398   Reviews
$ 14.99
Lock-on 4.75
4   Reviews
$ 29.99
Original BMX 0
0   Reviews
$ 12.50
Pyramid BMX 0
0   Reviews
$ 12.50


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