Expanding Fatbike Market Carries Big Momentum at Interbike

You couldn't go far at Interbike without encountering something fatbike. Whether crushing gravel at Outdoor Demo, blasting through barriers at Cross Vegas or taking up square footage in trade show booths, product offerings continue to grow.   Read More »

3rd Annual Fundraiser Raises More Than $50,000 for U.S. Bicycle Route System

Funds will support Adventure Cycling Association's ongoing organizing efforts and technical assistance to establish U.S. Bicycle Routes Missoula, Montana — Adventure Cycling Association's third annual Build It. Bike It. Be a Part of It. campaign raised more than $50,000 for the U.S. Bicycle Route S ...    Read More »

Bicycle Retailer Jenson USA Announces Industry-Leading Guarantee for Online Orders

Riverside, Calif. – On Sept. 1, independent bicycle retailer Jenson USA will formally launch the bicycle industry's first “On-time Arrival Guarantee” for items ordered from its Web site. Jenson USA has developed a software formula that allows the company to ensure when a customer’s order will arrive ...    Read More »

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Possible upgrades from Origin 8 Spy 26" SS

I am thinking of possible frame upgrades to my current Origin 8 Spy 26" SS. I have looked at the Surly Troll and the Voodoo Bokor. I've also looked at other frames in this price range. I'm just not sure if these frames are enough of an upgrade to justify the cost or even an upgrade at all. Do I just ... Read More »

Any Origin-8 Crawler Updates?

Now, that Crawlers have arrived in LBS's . . . anybody got one, and want to post a review? Everything else is dated reports about pre-production models. Thanx, Dave.Read More »

Origin 8 missed the boat

I have not checked the fat board for a few days and now Walmart is all over it. Who would have thought there was a need for a less expensive alternative? I will not be buying a Mongoose as it is too small and requires too many mods. I would buy an Origin 8 frame if it existed. Not sure why t ... Read More »

Budget Fat Bikes? Origin 8 Crawler -VS- Fat Sand Terrain Destroyer

How do these "more affordable" fat bikes match up? Thanx in advance, Dave.Read More »

Any Origin 8 bike block fork mount users out there?

Considering mounting a couple of these in my truck. Looking for feedback re: how well they work with with9mm and 15mm forks. Easy to swap adapters? [url=http://www.origin-8.com/?page_id=91&short_code=Bike+Block+Fork+Mount&prod_model_uid=6891&cl1=CAR+RACKS]Products Description – ORIGIN-8[/url ... Read More »

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Origin 8 Product Categories


Pro Carbon Flat 0
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$ 120.00
Pro Carbon Riser 4
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$ 0.00

XC Full Suspension

RPGPd 26 0
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XC Hardtail

Spy 4
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