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Sun/Sunlight 101 and Human Eyes 101

Sun/Sunlight 101 Our Sun, is a yellow dwarf, and specifically a G2V star, which means it's a spectral type G2 (based on color and surface temp) and luminosity class V (based on surface area). Surface temp: 5800 ºK or 9980 ºF Core temp: 15.6 million ºK or 28.1 million ºF Mass: 4.38 x 10^30 lbs. ...    Read More »

Julbo Motion Review

Julbo Motion w/ unique ear loops Reviewed by Brian Mullin aka Gram and MTBR.com Pastajet http://www.gramslightbikes.com/ UPDATE: I Just found out that Julbo has currently discontinued this model, it is unknown if the model will later return into their sunglasses line? I have been wearing ...    Read More »

Fruita Fat Tire Festival & 24 Hours of ERock

14th Annual New Belgium Brewing Fruita Fat Tire Festival/18 Hrs of Fruita @ Highline presented by supported by and From Troy Rarick, the founder of the “fest” and owner of Over the Edge Sports Fruita Fat Tire 2009 is merely a few weeks away and the "ONE FOUR FUN" is comin ...    Read More »

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Sorta SPAM: 60% off optic nerve

I found a really good deal on sunglasses online. Optic Nerve has a really good Cyber Tuesday promo...60% off any sunglasses on their site: [url=http://www.facebook.com/opticnervesunglasses?sk=app_166163243398289]Optic Nerve Sunglasses - CYBER TUESDAY DEAL SHARE | Facebook[/url]Read More »

Optic Nerve Membrane's

Just ordered me a new pair of Optic Nerve Membrane glasses off of ebay for $30. I was going to get me a pair of Adidas glasses for like $200 but just couldn't bring myself to do it and think these look just as nice. I wear contacts and thought these would work well...not to mention they look killer. ... Read More »

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