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Utah high school mountain biking takes off with the help of Scott Sports, Backcountry.com

Fast-growing Utah high school mountain bike league gets boost from Scott Sports and Backcountry.com sponsorships.    Read More »

Sea Otter Register Now - 10% Off with EARLYBIRD Coupon Code

The Sea Otter Classic website is OPEN! Register for races, rides, camping and lodging + get Sea Otter gear! Right now, the Sea Otter Classic folks are offering a 10% off registration with the special coupon code: "EARLYBIRD". The code is good for athlete registration. Lodging, expo, merchandi ...    Read More »

The First Annual Grand Junction Off-Road

From the creators of the Whiskey Off-Road comes a new event with a welcoming town, more challenging trails and awe striking scenery.   Read More »

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SRAM XO 1/2 off

Here's the link for a rear dérailleur. You can search the PX site for the other XO components. [url]http://www.planet-x-bikes.co.uk/i/q/RMSRAMX0/sram_x0_rear_mech[/url]Read More »

Chain coming off

Hi Guys, Still being somewhat new and when I run into a problem I come to you guys :thumbsup: Today I was cleaning my chain by back pedaling and the chain came off on me. I know how to put it back on but was wondering why it might have happen? Could it be from holding the chain too tightly and ... Read More »

Can't get my crank bolt off!!

I'm having serious issues removing my crank bolt. I've watched about every you tube video out there, and all of them remove the bolt with ease using a standard socket wrench. My problem is that none of my sockets fit the bolt! 1/2 is too big, 7/16 is too small. 13mm too big, 12mm too small. The only ... Read More »

Easton haven carbon wheels 26" 58% off at jenson

$529 each. So it begins, 26 inch gear is probably going on fire sale this year :) [url]http://m.jensonusa.com/Easton-Haven-Carbon-26-UST-Wheel-2012[/url]Read More »

First post to this forum.... Start if off with a video

This is my first post/thread to this forum even though I have been following this for years. I just wanted to tell everyone on this site for the most part that you all give some quality information and I am glad I am now apart of a very large community that all share a passion for a vehicle that is ... Read More »

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