Epic Calendar of 2012 Biking Events in Gunnison-Crested Butte, Colorado

Biking is key to valley’s karma, including world’s oldest mountain bike festival Gunnison-Crested Butte, Colorado (May 16, 2012) – The year 2012 promises to be one of the most exciting seasons of biking that Gunnison County has ever witnessed. Not only has the Gunnison-Crested Butte Valley again b ...    Read More »

Mountain Biking BC 7 Day Giveaway Contest

Mountain Biking BC Giving Away Another Epic Tour of British Columbia Single Track Your Chance to Win a Week Long Odyssey Exploring Seven Epic Destinations Vancouver May 16, 2012 – This summer Mountain Biking BC will partner with BC Bike Ride and Endless Biking to provide the ultimate road trip e ...    Read More »

Buying & Building the Steve Potts 2012 Award Winning Ti Bike

Introduction by Francis Cebedo We get a little bit of a different look at this Steve Potts Ti Hardtail. The perspective from the buyer's point of view is represented by Peter Tsang who is a regular forum member (aka "tburger") on Mtbr and also a good friend. Read on to follow Peter's bike buildin ...    Read More »

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Best hitch mount rack for 4 bikes on 2003 Honda Odyssey

Hi, I just got a 2" hitch installed on my 2003 Odyssey minivan and am looking for suggestions. I will use the rack to carry two bikes maybe 1-2x a month, but 3 times a year I want to have 3 or 4 bikes on it. Bikes will generally be hard tail mountain bikes, but occasionally a full suspension or ... Read More »

Best rack for 29ers (hitch style) on Honda Odyssey

Hi All, I'm a noob and my wife and I just purchased two 29ers. We have two small children that will eventually have bikes as well so I want the ability to carry 4 bikes. We drive a 2008 Honda Odyssey and have decided on a hitch style rack. I am looking at the Yakima Swingdaddy vs. Thule Vertex S ... Read More »

Bike Odyssey Race- Greece 2014

[B]Bike Odyssey is a XC race that will take place for the 2nd time in 2014 across Pindos Mountains, Greece. [/B] Bike Odyssey 2013 - The toughest mtb race has successfully come to an end! *8 days *550 km * 20.000 m elevation gain On June 2nd, 2013 the first Bike Odyssey was successfully ... Read More »

Dynamo Odyssey - one year on

Been running my lights with dynamo power for over a year now, and I'm totally sold. Last winter (2012), I finally built a dynamo-hub front wheel for my winter/wet commuter (Shimano Alfine Hub and 26 in. MTB rim). After 10 years, I was getting lazy about battery charging, with the obvious results. ... Read More »

Fatbike Odyssey 2013

Fatbike Odyssey 2013 CaveCreek Jan 26 9am Get some. No drama. Just rad.Read More »

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Odyssey Product Categories

Bottom Bracket

Bottom Bracket Cup/Bearing Sets 0
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Brake Booster

Titanium Brake Booster 4.21
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BMX Cassette Driver 5
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$ 35.60
BMX Freewheel 3
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$ 19.50
Hazard Iii 3 Pawl Cassette Drive 0
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$ 38.77


Richard Gear BMX Chainring 5
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$ 39.99


Apache Helmet 4.6
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Older Pedals

Svelte 3.57
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Older Tires

Ground Work 0
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$ 13.00
Overbite 0
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$ 13.00


Cielencki Loose BMX Pedal 3
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$ 36.29
Cielencki Sealed Magnesium Pedal 5
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$ 78.27
Twisted Pro 5
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$ 0.00
Twisted Pro Pedal 3.16
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