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Review: Bell Super Helmet

The Bell Super is one of the new breed of helmets solely designed to the demands of All Mountain riding and Enduro racing. Some of these needs are for more coverage, a better and more flexible visor system, and compatibility with goggles and even Gopro POV systems.   Read More »

Kyle Strait 2013 Red Bull Rampage Champ - Videos & Photo Gallery

Kyle Strait wins the 2013 Red Bull Rampage! See all the results, along with videos and a big photo gallery in our 2013 Red Bull Rampage finals story.    Read More »

2013 Red Bull Rampage Practice Photo Gallery

2013 Red Bull Rampage is on! Check out Rob Norbutt's photos from yesterday's practice session!   Read More »

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Oakley Crowbar Enduro Replacement Lens

Hi guys anyone had used the above mention dual lens from oakley for their crowbar, it's suppose to prolong the anti-fog ability. i was wondering does it really work? any user review are all welcome.Read More »

Anyone know how the Oakley MEGAWATT would do for am riding?

As a member of SI I can get these pretty cheap. I am wondering how well they would work for an am shoe with flat pedals. [url]https://secure.usstandardissue.com/Product_Detail.cfm?id=365[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]769357[/ATTACH]Read More »

Oakley mtb gear

I've owned some Oakley gear in the past and was looking for some new riding shorts recently. I noticed Oakley shorts on e-bay brand new, but when I visited their website ( Oakley ) There were no riding shorts at all... Nothing but casual wear shorts, gloves etc .Anybody know if they still make mtb s ... Read More »

Oakley Racing Jacket or Radarlock Path

I'm looking into getting either the Oakley Racing Jacket or Radarlock Path XL. I am wondering which ones you guys use and which lens tints?Read More »

Oakley Jawbones $95 on chainlove (expired)

[url=http://www.chainlove.com/]Chainlove.com: Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses - $94.99 - 53% off[/url] 8 minutes left. EDIT: Expired. Hope you got it if you wanted it.Read More »

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