Eurobike 2013: Met Parabellum Enduro Helmet

We're happy to see Met come in the All Mountain helmet segment as we love their styling, venting and lightweight construction found in their other helmets. The Parabellum fulfills all those requirements with its attractive design.    Read More »

O2 Nokomis Jacket and Pants Review

These fine two products from the Minneapolis based Rain Shield's O2 rain gear line are for the "hard-core" cyclist, and they offer excellent breathability and waterproofness, and have plenty of features that are functional, and very bike specific, and the material and build quality are outstanding. ...    Read More »

Enduro: Definition in Process - Hauer and Lopes in Punta Ala

Our good friends John Hauer and Brian Lopes went to Punta Ala, Italy to expererience first-hand and compete in the Enduro World Series Race #1. Read on and hear about John's adventure first-hand.   Read More »

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X-Fusion O2 - require a shim?

Hey folks, Running an X-Fusion O2 on a Mojo SL and am curious about trying a 650b setup. Tons of info on Mojo conversions using Fox, but I can't find anything on doing this with the X-Fusion rear shock. Has anyone tried this?Read More »

Anyone running X-Fusion O2 @ 650b?

So far, all of the 650b "conversions" I've seen on Mojos are using Fox rear shocks. Does anyone have any experience using the X-Fusion O2?Read More »

X Fusion O2 RL Rear Shock

Anyone out there have one of these shocks and know if they are any good?Read More »

Fox rl, rp2, Monarch rt3 or x fusion o2 rlx

So as I am replacing my rear shock with an air can I am wondering which way to go. All 3 can be had from 200 to 300 and wondering which would be best option. I am around 275+ and running a 7.5 x 2.0 (190x50).Read More »

Fox RPL vs X-Fusion O2 RCX shock for Ibis Mojo SL Special Blend

My Ibis Mojo Special Blend came with a Fox RPL shock even though the specs say it comes with an X-Fusion O2 RCX. I don't know if this is an upgrade or a downgrade. I bought the bike from (which is the same as competitive cyclist). Should I call them and ask them if they can exchange it or am I bett ... Read More »

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