Video: Sam Hill and Team Chain Reaction Cycles/Nuke Proof

Who would have predicted that the biggest downhill racing news of the year would come in the off-season. Sam Hill move from Specialized to Team CRC/Nuke Proof and Aaron Gwin moved from Trek to Specialized to take his place.    Read More »

Aaron Gwin Joins Specialized for 2013

Update: Jan. 8 Wow, this story just broke last night and we're updating it already this morning. It seems there is a legal hurdle for Aaron Gwin to join Specialized. Reports say he signed an LOI document (Letter of Intent) with Trek back in August. A Letter of Intent. A Letter of Intent is: ...    Read More »

Chub Hub Pro Review

Introduction: Every time I see these hubs on the tradeshow floors, I'm stopped in my tracks. They're so... BIG. So I pick them up like most folks and am just to amazed at how light they are. But do they work? Is there any logic to their girth? Read on and find out. Description: The product I'm re ...    Read More »

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Nuke Proof Bombshell from the late 90s parts question

have a pair of nuke bombshells that i picked up new from supergo back when they were still in business. probably have 10k miles on the hubs and a few sets of bearings. that hollow bolt that attaches the freehub to the rear hub finally cracked on me while riding one day. had slop in the wheel all of ... Read More »

nuke proof generator wheelsets

and hubs what say you? heck anybody.;)Read More »

Nuke Proof Hub Experts

I just found these wheels hanging in my basement workshop shop. I wondered if anyone could give details? Thanks for any info.Read More »

2012 Nuke Proof Mega & Scalp closeout!!

I just stumbled onto this while looking for fork closeouts. [url=]Nukeproof Closeout - Fanatik Bike Co. - Bellingham Wa[/url] But haven't found a Lyrik yet....Read More »

Fork for Nuke Proof Mega

I bought a Nuke Proof Mega frame a few days ago. I need to purchase a fork for it. I have done some reading of the reviews of the complete bike that comes a Lyrik. Seems like a good match with the rear but I was wondering if anyone has any real life ride time on a Mega with a different fork. I ... Read More »

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Nuke Proof Product Categories

Bike Rack

BUA Bike Storage Rack 1
0   Reviews


Bar 4.5
8   Reviews
$ 50.00


Atom Bomb Hubset 2.94
14   Reviews
$ 300.00
superfly 3.33
12   Reviews
$ 262.00


Skewers 4
7   Reviews


Atom Bomb One-Piece 3.47
15   Reviews
$ 389.00
2   Reviews
$ 300.00



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