Enduro Compare-O Bottom Line: Intense's Carbine 29 knows how to go big, fast and fun

The confidence-inspiring Intense Carbine 29 likes it meaty, beaty, big and bouncy-check it out right here.   Read More »

Compare-O First Look: Intense Carbine 29

Intense sets out to change minds about 29ers with burlier, longer-legged version of the big hooper that’s well-spec’d to boot. Take a First Look with us.    Read More »

Novatec Wheels Signs Brian Lopes!

Novatec Wheels is pleased to announce the signing of Mountain Biking World Champion Brian Lopes. Brian has had an unprecedented 20 year career as a professional cyclist and has earned 19 championship titles including 4 (four) USA Cycling MNTB World Championships, 6 (six) UCI World Cup Championships ...    Read More »

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Novatec D881/D882 side/end caps ?

Hi, looking to get a carbon wheelset built on the Novatec D881/D882 4in1 hubs so I can use it on any bikes I want, but I'm having a hard time finding the end caps kit. The place Im buying the wheelset from (Light-Bicycle) can only supply me with the front 9mm thru-axle and rear 135x10mm thru-axle se ... Read More »

Tracer 275 kit wheels, anyone have problems with the Novatec Freehub?

So I'm 6 months in on my Tracer 275, and I am stoked. This bike is a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to putting many, many more miles on this bike. But before that happens I'm gonna have to fix a problem and I'd like to know if it's a failure others have experienced or if this is a fluke. Th ... Read More »

Where to buy Novatec front hub or Similar?

So the only good fork I can find for my Yelli Screamy has a 20mm Axle and I need to swap out front hubs as cheaply as possible. I'd like a hub that can be converted to 15 and 20mm in case I change forks in the future. I have my eye on the novatec 4in1 but I can't find a good vendor. Anyone know ... Read More »

new wheel build bragging. 1400g Stans 355, revo, novatec

I built up my XC race wheelset. Tires are Stans mounted. Just need dry enough weather to try them out. Non race wheelset is Mavic 819, DT comp and Hope XC front, Woodman rear hub. Haven't done final weight yet but expect 2-3lbs drop total.Read More »

Novatec wheels

Searching for reviews, I'm really surprised that I'm not finding much info out there on these wheels. My local bike shop has a set of the Novetec Dragon29er wheels and I was impressed with the hubs. They sound nice, and supposed to have 4 deg engagment? I think I may try out the 29er flow/trail w ... Read More »

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