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Any Noleen Shock Rebuilders Out There?

Hi everyone! This is my first post to the MTBR forum, and I need your help. The Noleen rear shock on my trusty, but old, K2 Razorback bike failed a couple days ago. No longer holds air and needs either rebuilt or replaced. Due to it's rather unusual and rarely seen design, I'm betting that there ... Read More »

Springs for my Noleen Chubby Lt

Hey Guys, New to the board and I am gettting back into mountain biking. I have a practically new K2 Animal and I wanted to replace the elastamers with springs... anyone have a reco where and what to get? I am a big guy so I want a stiff spring. thanks for your time DuaneRead More »

Noleen Crosslink fork question

Suspension gurus, I recently picked up a Noleen Crosslink ELT fork for my brother's older mountain bike, as it was the fork he had ridden on it for many years; he preferred the rigid blade of the Noleen to telescopic forks. Anyways, I noticed that the fork has some different adjustment possibiliti ... Read More »

Welding disc tabs to a Noleen Crosslink fork

Framebuilders- I have seen photos of a Noleen Crosslink fork with disc tabs welded onto it, and was thinking of having this done to a fork myself. What are your opinions on this? I really know nothing about welding aluminum- is it safe to do this? Thanks in advance for your opinions!Read More »

Air shock for Noleen/ Girvin forks?

VRC people, I just got my brother a Noleen Crosslink fork to revamp his Clark-Kent F-14. I was wondering what kind of air shock it takes- what is the shock length and stroke? (My brother and his bike are in another state, and anyhow I don't want to spoil the surprise.) Any thoughts on 1) which shock ... Read More »


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