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Nokon knock-offs?

It seems there are substantially cheaper copies of the Nokon MTB brake cable set out there- IRD's Metawire (out of production, it seems), Aztec's Powerlines, and Alligator's I-Link. Are there any substantial differences between these? Also, it seems like a few years back, a lot of people were using ... Read More »

Nokon derailluer cables

Does anyone use the Nokon derailluer cables. Pros/Cons?? Are they worth the money? Are the cables just a standard or they specific to the Nokon cable housings?Read More »

Nokon cables on Air 9 (alu)

This weekend I've build up my Air 9 frame and when trying to install a Nokon cable set I ran into difficulties. It looks like there is not enough room to fit the outer cable shell through the cable stops of the toptube. I've searched the forum a bit and found one or two Air 9's with Nokon sets inst ... Read More »

Gore RideOn or NOKON Cables

about to put new cables on the Mach 5, any thoughts on Gore RideOn vs. the NOKON? [url]http://www.competitivecyclist.com/mountain-bikes/components/nokon/cables.1556.html[/url] [url]http://www.competitivecyclist.com/mountain-bikes/product-components/2010-gore-rideon-extra-long-sealed-low-friction ... Read More »

Nokon cables, are they really worth the $100?

Any experience with these cables? They are incredibly expensive, but look cool as hell! Plus all the advantages of decreased friction, virtually no cable housing compresion, longer cable life, etc... All of this supposedly equates to more acurate, crisp, and frictionless shifting. Is this all true? ... Read More »


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Brake System

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MTB Shift System 0
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