UBP Adds Two New Staff Members

  January 15, 2008 (Ashland, OR) - United Bicycle Parts ("UBP") continues to expand and is pleased to announce two new staff additions. Dylan Robbins has been hired as the company’s newest Inside Sales and Customer Service Representative. Dylan is an accomplished sales professional with a str ...    Read More »

PRO-LITE and ON ONE now available from UBP!

  November 13, 2007 (Ashland, OR) - United Bicycle Parts ("UBP") is very pleased to announce it has expanded its product offerings to include two new high profile lines, Pro-Lite and On One. Pro-Lite is perhaps best known for their proprietary branded top quality road, track and Tri/TT wheels. ...    Read More »

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Rebuilding a Softride/Nitto Frankenstem

I imagine someone here has done this - but how about recently? I have one of the black Nitto made models that came on a 94 Bridgestone. Flawed as they are, I'd like to rebuild it. The bushings in mine are in need of a refresh. Has anyone here been successful in procuring rebuild bush ... Read More »

Mini review of light mounts for porteur rack (Paul, Nitto, DIY POS)

I wanted to run my Wilma on my porteur rack so I started off with the Paul Gino. Nice piece that screws right to the rack eyelt, but it didn't stick out far enough to clear my bag. And it's a little robust for what it is. I was afraid that if it hit the ground or other immovable object that it wo ... Read More »

Nitto bar help

Hi folks, I saw this old Specialized Expedition the other day and was super jealous of these bars he had on it (the bike wasn't for sale). Nobody had any idea what they were. It seems obvious that they are Nitto heat treated, but I can't place them, can't find a picture of them online anywhere, et ... Read More »

Sim Works by Nitto

Im looking for some handlebars from Sim Works get around bars made By NittoRead More »

The "new" NItto dirt drop bar.

Whta's the deal w/ those? Only 31.8???? HOw is the shape? I like the silver, like NItto, can't use 31.8.Read More »

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